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Esther Khatabi tells her story during Brasa Luncheon

Esther Khatibi embraces uniqueness in running her ministry, relating how her unique life experiences and her own brand of "weirdness" has allowed her to work to the glory of God.

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Agape Ranch
Agape Ranch cuts ribbon on new land development

We are excited to share that Agape Ranch has cut the ribbon on its new housing development. Read on to hear more about the development and how the Lord guided them and made it all happen.

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Two Feet Out Ministries: Fighting back against generational poverty

Barbara Savell founded Two Feet Out Ministries, a ministry designed to combat the generational poverty issues present in the community. Read on to see what she has planned for the year, what you can do to help and how she took a life changing accident and transformed it for the Glory of God.

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Pray Corpus Christi: Bringing Jesus back to schools

Amanda Cutbirth is the founder of Pray Corpus Christi, a ministry that does outreach programs for churches and schools that aims to impact the next generation of youth for the Kingdom of Christ. Every Wednesday, they are invited to a different school to pray against anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

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