It’s wonderful to be able to speak to you all again. We celebrated another Brasa Luncheon where we got to hear from Barbara Savell, the founder of Two Feet Out Ministries. Savell, through the power of The Lord, was able to take a major accident that changed her life and turned it into a way to help families in the area. While Savell is doing well with her ministry, they still need more help with volunteer work and book donations. Read on to learn about Savell’s story and how you can help fight back against generational poverty, as told during the monthly Brasa Luncheon held on May 11.

It was a day like any other for Savell when she decided to bike two 20 mile loops. As she was biking down a seemingly empty road, she was hit by a pickup truck. With 15 broken bones and internal bleeding, Savell nearly died. Where once Savell had been up and active. She was now forced into bedrest, barely able to lift her leg an inch off her bed.  

My brothers and sisters, through our own human power, even the best of us would take this situation and despair. However, through the power the Lord has instilled in Savell, and all of us, she was able to prevail for the Glory of the Lord. Despite spinal cord injuries, Savell leaned on her faith in God and praised him for having survived the accident.

“I think I had God’s peace because I believe God was preparing me for this accident,” said Savell. “… I loved biking so much. I loved being in the best shape of my life. I loved being strong. I loved the highs I got from biking but I was concerned about my motivations. Was it a god to me?”

With these concerns already in place, Savell knew she would be unable to give up this idol herself. So she decided that if God wanted to take it away from her, she would not resist. God did just that.  

This was back in 2009. Now, 14 years later, Savell decided to take the love she was given by her church family and brothers and sisters in Christ and turn it into a ministry for her community. She founded Kids Hope USA, worked with Jobs for Life and got involved in STCH Ministries.  

In fall 2019, Savell took steps to help her community. From this, Two Feet Out Ministries was formed. Through this ministry, Savell endeavored to help those in generational poverty get two feet out. The ministry tutors children and educates parents on the importance of reading to their children and finishing their own education.  

“We know preparing a child for school has to start early,” said Savell. “There are so many obstacles for a child in poverty when it comes to literacy and education. Of course, our ultimate goal is to share Christ as we build relationships with those we serve.”

Two Feet Out has worked with other non-profit ministries, including Ministry of Young Life where Savell became a mentor.  

For 2023, Two Feet Out Ministries is working with STCH and Young Life to host a mini teen conference. This conference will teach teen mothers about faith and works. Additionally, they are going to present parenting tips to get their children ready for school. Two Feet Out is also working on getting a permanent location and a vehicle for its mobile library, which already has over 1,000 books.  

From July 17 to Aug. 3, Savell will also be hosting a summer reading program at Cross Bridge.  

While Savell has major plans for Two Feet Out, she is in need of more volunteers to help read with the kids. Volunteers and interested individuals can learn more at  


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