Good day my brothers and sisters. I hope Friday finds you well as we go into the weekend. We have some exciting news to share with you today. 

Yesterday, Agape Ranch cut the ribbon on its long awaited “The Ranch” neighborhood land development. The first home in The Ranch was built in 2021 with grants from the Moody Foundation and the Blanche Davis Moore Foundation. Chick-Fil-A of the Coastal Bend and several Legacy Gala sponsors and donors also contributed to the project. 

“This day of the ribbon cutting is incredibly important because it signifies a situation where a community is coming together to make this possible,” said Susan Klaus, the founder and executive director for Agape Ranch. “It is so crazy for me to think about when it was just a small dream and now the Lord has made it possible for the next generations of children that will be coming onto this ranch. … We will be serving children aged 0 to 23 so even children who are aged out of the foster care system will be able to have a home where they won’t just be launched out into the community without a support network that some of us have.”

According to Klaus, none of this would be possible without the guidance of God and the advocacy of people in the community. Klaus recalled asking Ken De Koning to pray for them and their fundraising. She remembered vividly that Ken told her that if it is God’s will, it’s God’s bill and he would make it happen. 

“... and it happened. So he was totally right.”

For Shannon Murphy, the community relations coordinator for Agape Ranch, this project coming to fruition was nothing short of a God given miracle. 

Phase one of this project will include 10 homes, a community center and a multipurpose building. The homes that will be built on this development will be for foster families, respite care providers and aged out youth. Agape Ranch will continue holding fundraisers to complete the next phase of the neighborhood.

“We do not worry,” said Murphy. “We are not anxious. The Bible tells us not to be anxious. … It’s not in our timing, it’s in God’s timing and I think that’s why we are okay with whatever happens. We feel like we are serving the Lord in what we are doing and we are just open and ready for anything that comes our way. If a door closes, then we know that wasn’t God’s plan for us. When another door opens unexpectedly, we are like ‘are you serious? This is amazing.’”

Ken was present at the ribbon cutting and was ecstatic to see the development move forward. 

“I always tell people, if we can love children … and love people with the love of Christ, agape love, that will do more for their significance and their security than 1,000 conferences on self esteem,” said Ken. “This is what the kids are going to receive over here and that is why I support it to the fullest. … I cannot wait until it’s developed and we see the total reality, the finished reality.” 

One house is already complete at The Ranch. Several acres of land has already been cleared for further development, with heavy machinery working behind the scenes of the ribbon cutting to prepare the new houses. 

It is through the support of our partners that we are able to continue championing the cause of ministries like Agape Ranch. Please join us as we continue to support the mission of Agape Ranch and other ministries.


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